Results of International Palliative Care Workshop in Morocco

ASCO International Affairs
Jan 04, 2018 4:49 PM

In September, ASCO partnered with Hassan II Hospital University to hold an International Palliative Care Workshop (IPCW) in Fez, Morocco. At the end of the course, respondents were asked to rate their level of understanding or ability on objectives prior to attending and after completing the course using a five-point scale ranging from Poor to Excellent.

The results from the on-site evaluation suggest the workshop was successful. Ninety-one percent of respondents said that they intended to make a practice change based on what they had learned; respondents most frequently reported intended changes to communication, pain management, and symptom management.

On average, respondents rated their ability or understanding for each educational objective as Fair before the course; after the course, the average rating for each objective was Good or Very Good. In addition, 86 percent or more of respondents reported an increase in their ability to:

  • Conduct a family meeting
  • Communicate with patients about pain
  • Use different medications and methods to control pain
  • Manage patients’ symptoms

A follow-up survey will be sent to attendees later this year to assess the long term outcomes of the workshop.