Christy Heath
Mar 30, 2018 12:08 AM

Patient 45 with previous history of stage 3B Breast Cancer 15 years past.(Rt breast - no spread, treated with Chemo/Radiation/lumpectomy) Currently diagnosed with MALT lymphoma in January 2018. For a month, has had breast pain in left breast. Presented to office with symptoms of redness on lower 1/2 of breast, swelling, darkening nipple and areola,pain, tissue thickening noticed upon physical exam and in sonogram (not skin thickening), Mammo showed no tumors, some scattered thickening areas in tissue. Warm to touch, etc. 
Treated with antibiotics for a week now - no change in breast. bloodwork normal, for the most part. LDH high at 262, CA15-3 antigen high at 38. 

Thoughts? IBC?- biopsy, or diagnose on physical exam? Tied to Lymphoma in any way?