7 Perspectives on Coping with and Preventing Burnout

    No matter how prepared you think you are, every physician hits a wall at some point in their career. Here are some resources for understanding, preventing, and combating burnout.

    1. Dr. Anees Chagpar discusses some of the reasons why physicians experience burnout and commit suicide at high rates in her blog post, “Are you happy?”.
    2. A study from the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that there is a significant disconnect between the number of hours oncology fellows expect to work and the number of hours practicing oncologists actually work, which may lead to burnout.
    3. Dr. Sarbajit Mukherjee discusses the three manifestations of burnout common among cancer care providers and shares methods that have proven to be effective for combating burnout.
    4. In his interview with ASCO Connection, Dr. Steven Eisenberg shares his own experience with burnout and the tools he uses to “cure” it for himself.
    5. Physician Assistant Heather Hylton considers methods for “renewal” in her blog.
    6. Drs. Don. S. Dizon and Nathan A. Pennell share their perspectives on the sometimes dueling priorities of work and life.
    7. Drs. Miriam A. Knoll and Suzanne L. Wolden share strategies for overcoming the distress of treating pediatric patients with cancer.