Welcome to Cancer Doctor in Evolution

Welcome to Cancer Doctor in Evolution

Prateek Mendiratta, MD

Nov 06, 2016

Welcome to my first attempt at creating a blog. I have always been inspired by the wonderful writers in the field of medicine. Their ability to share their journeys offers a glimpse through the window of a patient and doctor interaction. This humanistic exchange is something we take for granted; yet, we can all learn to do better. I have seen first-hand in training how this experience between a doctor and the patient can be done so well that I am inspired to model it. I have also seen this interaction done so badly that it inspires me to do better. As an oncologist I am blessed to have so many patients open their lives to me. It is a responsibility I take seriously and I hope this blog can serve as a forum for doctors to reflect on what we do daily.

I also hope to inspire and educate patients about their disease. The more the patients can know about their cancer, the better they are armed to fight it. The word “cancer” evokes such a fear that sometimes it is not until the third visit the patient or family knows what is going on. I hope we can do better in that regard. So I also hope to serve as educator in a simple pragmatic approach that patients and their family can use.

So the goal is to post one blog from the doctor’s perspective and one blog from the patient’s perspective. And hope we can learn, grow, and unite to fight cancer.

All the patients gave consent to share their story.

Enjoy the journey.

Originally published on Cancer Doc in Evolution; reprinted with permission.


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