A public thank you to Steve Jobs

A public thank you to Steve Jobs

Don S. Dizon, MD, FACP, FASCO

Oct 06, 2011
I am currently sitting with colleagues from across the country as we plan the 2012 Program, an honor and yet a daunting task! Searching pubmed, vetting potential speakers, and keeping abreast on office and business matters, I rely heavily on my laptop and web access, and dating back to 1986, I have relied almost exclusively on my apple computer. 

I still remember being in a high school computing class, learning on the latest and greatest Mac computer- the classic Mac computer with its all in one design. It was a beautiful machine, only to evolve in to more beautiful, colorful, and compact designs. I was hooked early on.

Jump forward a couple of decades- multiple Macs later, adoption of the MacBook Pro, then the MacBook Air (both purchased by with academic funds!), then the iPhone and the iPad. I have remained an "early adopter" of all things Mac; not because they are "cool", but because I find them functional and easy to incorporate in to my professional life. 

Today my iPad is my primary device for daily use- I access my EMR through it, take it in to clinic visits with me, write my office notes with it. I run powerpoint presentations off of it, and write my blogs on it. Outside of work its where I keep my photos, videos, watch YouTube, Vevo, and yes- even play games (which for me has been the scrabble-like game, Words).  I still utilize my MacBook Air for almost everything else, but needless to say, without them I would be severely handicapped.

And so, I feel I owe much of my academic and professional development in oncology to Apple. I feel (as I am sure many of my generation) that I have grown up with Apple and in a strange way, have been mentored by Steve Jobs. So it is with great sadness that I mark his passing. 

Thank you Steve Jobs. My thoughts and prayers remain with you and your family. 


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Robert L. Coleman, MD

Oct, 10 2011 2:10 PM

appreciate your note and couldn't agree more. He was such an integral part of professional and personal lives; it was like loosing a family member, especially since the macphiles followed Apple and Jobs through all the turmoil and eventual success over the years.  Take care and see you soon,

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