Caveat Surfor: What You Need Before Tweeting at the Meeting

Caveat Surfor: What You Need Before Tweeting at the Meeting

Matthew S. Katz, MD

May 02, 2014

The countdown to the Annual Meeting is underway.

In one month, ASCO members converge on Chicago to learn about the latest peer-reviewed advances in oncology. For attendees, it can be overwhelming but is a great opportunity for learning, networking, and seeing what may be coming soon to your cancer center.

Attendees can use social media to see each other at the McCormick Place in person. Those of us at home can “tune in” to get the scoop on innovative research directly from peers, not just press releases. Every year, more ASCO members are using social media throughout the meeting to connect.

Some of us are a little off the deep end with Twitter—mea culpa. But others don’t know where to start. If you are not sure if social media is for you, that’s understandable. If you fall into this category, I made a resource called “Getting Started in Social Media” to help you understand the risks and benefits of social media and some tips for getting involved. It is available as a both a downloadable pdf and as PowerPoint on Slideshare.

Take some time to look over the suggestions before you choose which platforms you might want to try. You may find some helpful points even if you’re already using Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Or you may decide that 2014 isn’t the year to try.

For those of you who are ready to try and would like to start with Twitter, the five-minute video below is a tutorial on everything you will need to sign up.


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Matthew S. Katz, MD

May, 16 2014 6:16 AM

Thanks Mike! Yes, we have a little more than a dozen tweeters to watch for news from the Annual Meeting. Tweet us back - coming to a Twitterfeed near you!

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