The Annual Meeting...

The Annual Meeting...

L. Michael Glode, MD, FACP, FASCO

Jun 05, 2010

Although Twitter is not my forte, trying to write some impressions in a few more words is within my abilities. I am currently sitting in the cavernous lecture hall listening to Dan VonHoff's lecture and just finished hearing Doug Blayney's Presidential Address. The challenges before us as oncologists have been well-summarized in the lectures. The question is whether we, as practicing oncolgists -- academic, private practice, industry...U.S. or global...will respond. While this blog won't likely be seen by many until there is more visibility in the launch of ASCOconnection in July, I'll tell you what my response is going to be: 

1) I'm going to go by the ASCO Foundation booth and make a contribution to the leadership to legacy program. We need more young people in this field and more researchers at every level.

2) I'm going home to Colorado and will discuss with my colleagues at the University, as well as those in our network of care, the possibility of joining the ASCO QOPI initiative. I was impressed that Michigan did this, and I think we in Colorado might benefit. How often are we giving chemotherapy in the last two weeks of life? I plan to find out.

3) I will renew my lifelong commitment to clinical trials. My mantra is "a trial for every patient and every patient on a trial". With 850 drugs in the pipeline, it boarders on unethical not to try to contribute to the knowledge we need to gain.


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Michael Jordan Fisch, MD, MPH, FASCO

Jul, 04 2010 2:25 PM

These comments remind me of the great thing about the ASCO Annual Meeting--how it inspires us to take specific actions to help others or discover some new facts or improve ourselves. This year I did not attend the meeting for the first time since fellowship (due to a family medical issue). Through the wonders of the Virtual Meeting, I can hear Dr. Blayney's presidential address and Dr. Von Hoff's amazing lecture. But what I cannot reproduce is this moment, in the lecture hall, energized by the presence of thousands of colleagues and the flow of thinking and science...the moments of inspiration to take action. I look forward to next year's meeting, and meanwhile find inspiration however I can.

Michael A. Thompson, FASCO, MD, PhD

Jul, 20 2010 5:36 PM

Great comments.

I had the opportunity to attend a talk by Dan Von Hoff in the Milwaukee area last week.
I was impressed by the level of technology some of his patients had at their disposal -- eg whole genome sequencing of somatic and tumor DNA and comparison for tumor targets.
However, the accrual of the average U.S. patient to clinical trials is poor.
I think we need to always expand the frontier of what is possible while at the same time back filling trials and technology to improve the care throughout the oncology health care system.


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