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Feb 15, 2024
This year’s recipients were indeed distinguished leaders in their fields and have dedicated their careers to improve diagnosis, outcomes, and quality of life as well advancing personalized therapy for patients. 
Feb 08, 2024
Dr. Shaalan Beg and Dr. Noelle LoConte consider how oncology organizations can balance the availability of alcoholic beverages at events with the evidence that alcohol consumption can increase cancer risk.
Jan 29, 2024
At the midpoint of her term as 2023-2024 ASCO president, Dr. Lynn M. Schuchter highlights key points of progress from 2023 and looks toward a busy year ahead.
Jan 18, 2024
Dr. Arcita Pramudita, Dr. Lintang Sagoro, Dr. Ardita Pramudani, and Dr. Polo Camacho discuss the many barriers in attempting to integrate palliative care in Indonesia, which include a lack of patient awareness and accessibility.
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Heather Marie Hylton, PA-C

Heather M. Hylton, PA-C, is an oncology physician assistant with a clinical background in hematologic malignancies and stem cell transplantation. She has served in key administrative and clinical roles at leading health care facilities, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Follow Ms. Hylton on Twitter @hmhyltonpac.

Jun 05, 2011
As Saturday at the Annual Meeting has now come to a close, I would like to share a few thoughts:-In his Presidential Address, Dr. Sledge noted that cancer deaths are decreasing in the US; however, by the year 2030, it is projected the number of cancer deaths worldwide will exceed a staggering 11...
Jun 04, 2011
Greetings from the Annual Meeting!While it was difficult to narrow my selections for sessions I would attend today (a feat more challenging than navigating Chicago traffic, I think!), I am most grateful to the ePlanner technology for making the process just a bit easier!The ePlanner technology is...
Apr 29, 2011
In the practice of Oncology as well as the whole of Medicine, mentoring relationships are essential. Do you recall some of the mentors that have had the most impact on your training? Your clinical practice? I highly suspect there are some good stories out there!
Mar 04, 2011
I was recently caught off guard by a couple of simply warm and beautiful days here in Boston—they seemed to be some sort of promise that spring must indeed be coming! The concept of renewal has since been on my mind. No, not the usual items that the term renewal conjures up (you know, licenses,...
Jan 18, 2011
By now we have said our goodbyes to 2010 and are looking to what achievements, joys, and challenges 2011 will bring. I am continuously reminded that the issues and perhaps struggles we face in the future not only pertain to the economics of medicine and health care but also to the emotional aspects...
Nov 30, 2010
Yes, the title of this blog is a bit dry but the subject matter itself—a most interesting area to explore!I’ll start by saying that medical professionals in general tend to think about the near and distant future with a relatively high frequency. This probably could not be truer today as we...