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6 Strategies for Striking a Work-Life Balance

Many people who work in the health care profession find it difficult to draw a hard line between work and family or home life. It's not always easy, but these ASCO members share their stories to show that is is possible.


Dr. Don S. Dizon reflects on a moment when his son was seriously ill, and the choice between work and family was not a choice at all.

Dr. Julia Close describes how letting go of (most of) the guilt of not feeling fully committed to parenting or her career helped her appreciate the positives in both aspects of her life.

Dr. Uqba Khan emphasizes that spending time with family and having a life outside work are critical to reducing the stress that comes with being a first-year oncology fellow.

Dr. Stephanie Graff describes how being a physician mother makes her a stronger person than if only one of those titles applied.

Having both started their families early in their medical training, Dr. Margaret E. Gatti-Mays and Dr. Jennifer J. Gao share their perspectives on how a supportive team at work and at home made becoming a mom less of an uphill climb.

The key to maximizing your time away from work? Focus on quality, not quantity.