Committee Connection
  • JOP Exclusive: Drug Shortages Disproportionately Affect Smaller Practices

    23 Mar 2015 03:57 PM

                        Key Points This study surveyed doctors between 2012 and 2013 to find out how oncologists experience drug shortages and to assess whether oncology practices experience shortages differently based on their size and structure. The study found that 74% of the 330 respondents reported experiencing a shortage of at least one drug, 61% reported using an equally... Read more

  • ASCO’s Train the Trainer Program Extends the Reach of Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Education

    20 Mar 2015 04:08 PM

    The Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Courses (MCMC) offered by ASCO International, in collaboration with other organizations, seeks to improve cancer care globally through the promotion of interdisciplinary cancer management. Attendees of select MCMCs have the option to attend a one- to two-day training workshop called Train the Trainer (TTT). During this workshop, attendees can increase their understanding of multidisciplinary cancer care... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Testosterone Matters: Keeping Levels Low Among Men with Prostate Cancer Improves Survival

    16 Mar 2015 04:01 PM

                        Key Points This study showed that among patients with prostate cancer, those whose testosterone dipped to a nadir of 20 ng/dL or lower within the first year of treatment with continuous androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) experienced improved survival and a longer time to progression, compared to men whose testosterone levels rose above 20 ng/dL. This... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Sibling Transplants Versus Unrelated Donor in Young Patients with ALL

    09 Mar 2015 04:06 PM

                        Key Points This study found that for children and adolescents being treated for high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), those who receive a stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor have the same overall survival (OS) as those who receive the transplant from a sibling. There were also no differences between the two groups in terms of event-free... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: In Sorafenib-Treated HCC, Prophylactic Use of Urea-Based Cream Improves Hand-Foot Skin Reaction

    02 Mar 2015 03:53 PM

                        Key Points The study found that over a 14-week period, incidence of HFSR—of any grade—was lower among patients who started using the urea-based cream at the start of treatment, compared to patients who received best supportive care alone. The Incidence of HFSR of grade 2 or higher was also lower among the prophylactic group. Patients who used the... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: First Meta-Analysis of Ipilimumab Demonstrates Sustained Long-Term Benefits

    23 Feb 2015 03:55 PM

                        Key Points A meta-analysis of 12 studies examined the long-term survival benefits of the immunotherapy drug ipilimumab for the treatment of advanced melanoma. The study found that 22% of the 1,861 patients (n=254) in the studies were alive three years after treatment. Among that 22% of patients, the survival curve reached a plateau at year three,... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Does Aggressive Surgery for Ovarian Cancer Always Lead to Better Outcomes?

    09 Feb 2015 04:29 PM

                        Key Points The study found that among 2,655 patients with ovarian cancer who had achieved optimal debulking, patients with higher disease distribution and higher post-surgery residual disease had worse outcomes, independent of the type of surgery received. Residual disease made a difference in outcomes: All patients, including those with high disease... Read more

  • JOP Exclusive: Are Fertility Discussion with Adolescents and Young Adult Patients with Cancer Happening?

    02 Feb 2015 03:59 PM

                        Key Points This study found that 26% or participants had documented discussions of fertility risk, 24% had documented discussions of fertility preservation, and 13% had documented referral to a fertility specialist. This is far below the ASCO Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) suggested rated of 80%. There was a significantly lower rate of... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Can Oncology Communication Skills Be Learned? Yes, Says One Study

    26 Jan 2015 04:05 PM

                        Key Points The study found that members of four interdisciplinary radiology teams who took part in a 38-hour training program designed to strengthen skills in patient communication showed improvements in patient-assessment skills, supportive skills, and in the amount of information shared with patients during a radiology planning session among patients... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Study Shows Immunotherapy Response in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer

    12 Jan 2015 04:04 PM

                        Key Points This study reported that immunotherapy can confer a possible survival advantage in patients with pancreatic cancer. The study compared combined GVAX/CRS-207 to GVAX alone and found that the 61 patients who received the combined treatment had an overall survival (OS) of 6.1 months, whereas the 29 patients who received GVAX alone had an OS of 3.9... Read more