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  • JCO Exclusive: For Survivors of Colorectal Cancer, More Exercise, Less TV May Lower Risk of Death

    15 Dec 2014 04:00 PM

                        Key Points This study found that survivors of colorectal cancer (CRC) who exercised seven hours or more per week before their diagnosis had a 20% lower risk of dying of any cause compared to survivors who did not exercise at all. Those who exercised seven hours or more per week after their diagnosis had a 31% lower risk of dying of any cause compared to... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Cognitive Delays Among Children who Receive Stem Cell Transplants

    24 Nov 2014 04:00 PM

                        Key Points This study of 315 children found that children who received stem cell transplantation (SCT) before the age of three—whether with or without total body irradiation (TBI)—showed cognitive delays one year post-treatment. However, the children who received TBI continued to show significant cognitive delays after the one-year time point, compared... Read more

  • Worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns: Pink Sidon Sea Castle in Lebanon

    20 Nov 2014 06:24 PM

    By Firas Y. Kreidieh, MD; Raghid N. Charara, MD; and Nagi S. El Saghir, MD, FACP Breast Center of Excellence, Naef K. Basile Cancer Institute, American University of Beirut Medical Center, Beirut, Lebanon        Sidon Sea Castle, a thirteenth-century fortress in Lebanon, is lit with pink lights to celebrate breast cancer awareness and survivorship during October 2014.  In October 2014, the Lebanese Breast... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Peer Support Reduces Distress Among Women Recently Diagnosed with BRCA1/2 Mutation

    17 Nov 2014 04:04 PM

                        Key Points This study showed that among women recently diagnosed with a BRCA1/2 mutation, a telephone-based peer support program is effective in reducing their cancer-related distress and unmet information needs—at least in the short term. The women who received the peer-support reported significantly lower emotional distress and unmet information... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Endocrine Therapy and Cognitive Decline in Early-Stage Breast Cancer

    10 Nov 2014 03:03 PM

                        Key Points This JCO study found that women with early-stage breast cancer who received endocrine therapy following initial breast cancer treatments (surgery, with or without radiation or chemotherapy) were significantly more likely to report increased difficulties in the retrieving words and phrases from memory. The cognitive difficulties reported with... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Laparoscopic Versus Open Colectomy: Geography Makes a Difference

    03 Nov 2014 04:00 PM

                        Key Points An analysis of 93,786 patients with colon cancer found that the percentage of patients who received open colectomy versus laparoscopic colectomy varied widely based on geographical location of treatment, but not based on the patient’s sex, race, or coexisting diseases. Since the majority of hospitals in the study owned the equipment to perform... Read more

  • 2015 ASCO Election Now Open – Vote Today!

    29 Oct 2014 09:33 AM

    Voting Instructions Simply login at using your ASCO username and password to learn more about the candidates and cast your online proxy ballot. All proxy ballots must be cast by November 26, 2014, at 11:59 PM EST.    All eligible voting members* are invited to vote now to shape the future of ASCO! Candidates are listed below, followed by abridged President-Elect candidate interviews. To learn... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Predicting Response to Anti-HER2 Treatments: Is HER2 the Only Biomarker?

    27 Oct 2014 03:58 PM

                        Key Points This study found that HER2 remains the only biomarker that can be used to select which women have a high chance of responding to anti-HER2 treatments. Women who received pertuzumab had better outcomes compared with women who received a placebo, regardless of the types of biomarkers each patient carried, as long as the tumors were HER2-positive.... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Study Confirms Long-Lasting Benefits of Trastuzumab for Early-Stage HER2+ Breast Cancer

    20 Oct 2014 04:08 PM

                        Key Points In this study, women who received trastuzumab in addition to chemotherapy had a 37% greater overall survival compared to women who received chemotherapy alone. At 10 years after treatment, 84% of women who received trastuzumab were alive, compared to 75.2% of women who received chemotherapy alone. The findings also confirmed the long-term... Read more

  • JCO Exclusive: Obesity in Survivors of Colorectal Cancer is a Risk Factor for a Second Cancer

    06 Oct 2014 03:59 PM

                        Key Points This study found that survivors of colorectal cancer (CRC) who are overweight before their diagnosis have a 39% higher risk of being diagnosed with a second obesity-related cancer, compared to survivors of CRC who are of a normal weight before diagnosis; among survivors of CRC who are obese before diagnosis, the risk is 47% higher. Future... Read more