Committee Connection

ASCO Connection Group Instructions

Instructions for Sending an Eblast to All Group Members, Attaching a File, and Approving/Denying Requests to Join Group

Sending an Eblast to All Group Members

A group creator can send an eblast to all members of the Group using the “Edit Group” function on the Group’s main landing page:

1)      Make sure you are logged in.
2)      Click on the Group name. On your Group’s landing page, click on the “Edit Group” link in top right corner.


3)      From the “edit group” page, click on the “Send message to group members” link in the top right corner.


 4)      This will take you to the Message Center page.



5)      Begin typing the name of your group in the automated “To” field. A list of names will begin to auto-fill. As you complete the name of your group, it should appear in the “To” field (see below).



6)       Once the correct Group name is in the “To” field, type a subject line, add your message and hit send.

Attach a file

Follow instructions above. Beneath the “subject” line, you will see “attach file.” Click this and follow pop-up instructions.

Approving Members for Closed Groups

If you created a closed group, you will receive an automated email from those seeking to join the group. Follow the instructions to approve or deny. That person, in turn, will receive an automated notice of pending member status. The following is example text for an automated email with a request to approve/deny membership.

John Smith has requested to join the Oncology Practice Group. Please follow the link below to accept or reject this request.

Note—you must be logged in to the site to see the "Join Group" link. ASCO members and Guest Account users, please log in with your username and password (retrieve username/password). Click here to create a Guest Account.

Subscribe to email updates from your Group by clicking the subscription link on your individual Group’s main page; you can unsubscribe to updates by clicking the same link. Emails are sent to the email address associated with your log-in account. (Log in required to subscribe/unsubscribe)