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Please browse the Group Directory below before creating a Group. See instructions for Creating Groups, Joining Groups, Managing Groups, and Receiving Group-Update Email Notifications. If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you. is a forum for the exchange of views on oncology-related issues. The views and opinions expressed in the blogs, forums, and groups belong to the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

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Dendritic cell therapy
Cancer immunotherapy is poised to become treatment option in many cancers. The group is formed in order to keep clinical results posted to help clinicians make informed decisions. It would be an interactive platform to post queries, advises and discontent that could be reviewed by any one joining the group.
  • 12 Members
Arab Oncology Group
Arab Oncology Group
Our goal is to facilitate communication and create collaborative opportunities among oncology health care professionals of various disciplines in the Arab World Region to enhance their professional development and improve cancer care in the region. All health care professionals with an interest in oncology are encouraged to join, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, other allied health care professionals, and administrators.
  • 98 Members
Carcinoid Syndrome India
Screening for the pts of Carcinoid syndrome cases in India.Helping the Health professionals not missing the diagnosis.Helping the pts recieve the proper treatement
  • 4 Members
GCP for Oncology Researchers
In this Group you will find Good Clinical Practice (GCP) related information for Clinical Trials for Oncology professionals
  • 6 Members
Advanced Practice Professionals Interactive
This group is designated as a meeting point for physician assistants and nurse practitioners in oncology practice with the purpose of providing a platform for networking and discussing and sharing ideas.
  • 16 Members
QOPI and QOPI Certification Program Participants
QOPI and QOPI Certification Program Participants
This group is a place for QOPI participants and QOPI Certified practices to network and share best practices.
  • 11 Members
Armenian Oncology Group
Armenian Oncology Group
Armenian oncologists all over the world, as well as friends of Armenia!!!
  • 8 Members
Ukrainian Oncology group
Ukrainian Oncology group
Ukrainian Oncologists and Doctors around the world with ties with Ukraine
  • 1 Members